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Cry for the Bad Man: Scream Queen Icon Camille Keaton in Indie flick that aims to reinvent the home invasion horror Trope

cry for the bad man

Cry for the Bad Man, starring Camille Keaton has released its first trailer.

Keaton, alongside Jamie Lee Curtis, is one of the most iconic scream queens in US history.

Except of course that “I Spit on Your Grave” established her as being able to go places in horror cinematography that Curtis will never, ever go.

That searing performance still haunts movie viewers to this day and has had a lasting effect on an entire genre of Revenge Horror films that will continue into the forseeable future.

In her new film, Keaton stars as a small town widow facing a trio of violent extortionists in the new home-invasion thriller, ‘Cry for the Bad Man’ an indie film by director Sam Farmer she has been putting in a performance every bit as searing as her more famous 1978 turn.

Farmer wrote and directed the film which is produced by Kathryn McAvoy, Corina Farmer, and Jonathan Shepard.

Filming took place in November 2017 with post-production stretching through most of 2018.

In this one, according to Farmer, the hoary trope of the well trod ‘home invasion’ horror film is about to be turned on its head, and we must admit a little feeling of anticipation for it (the advance reels are pretty compelling)

Now the production studio has released its first trailer and we are here for it.:

According to one of the producers:

Men on the fringes of society regard women as  ‘soft targets’ easy to be exploited, victimized, or killed.

For instance, on New Years Eve 2012, Oklahoma widow, Sarah Dawn McKinley was alone with her 3 month old, when Justin Shane Martin burst into her home. Minutes later, Martin would be dead. McKinley’s 12 gauge smoking in her hands….

What goes through the mind of a man upon entering the home of an 18 year old new mother, isolated at midnight in a dark rural home?….Besides a bullet?

CRY FOR THE BAD MAN was inspired by a series of such stories, some without happy endings. Its villains, poisoned by toxic masculinity can’t fathom being bested by a woman….an OLD woman.

In horror/suspense films, we’re used to seeing victims make irrational decisions (splitting up rather than banding together, backing slowly through a dark house rather than sprinting away to safety) CRY FOR THE BAD MAN sees the bad guys making these strategic errors, all born out of underestimating their target: A lonely grieving widow, isolated in her rural home, abandoned by the outside world.

“I just have to wait for the next one of you idiots to poke your head through the WRONG hole…”

cry for the bad manDirected and Written by
Sam Farmer 
Camille Keaton … Marsha Kane
Karen Konzen … Helen Kane
Scott Peeler … Wayne MacMohan
Eric Dooley … Derrek MacMohan
Christopher James Forrest … Billy MacMohan
Produced by
Kathryn McAvoy … executive producer
Jerry Rosenberg … associate producer
Corina Seaburn … producer
Jonathan Shepard … producer
Music by
Franko Carino
Cinematography by
Patrick Barry
Find out more about the film here