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June 17, 2011
Tag Team Review: Green Lantern
June 17, 2011

Conan the Redbandbarian

Watch Jason Momoa shed blood!

IGN has the new trailer for Jason Momoa’s debut as Crom’s finest son. And it’s red band, which means there’s blood. A decent amount, and a few rippings of flesh. Game of Thrones has made me a fan (with reservations) of the man as an ass kicker but Conan the Barbarian is a much bigger test. The dialogue here is all gutteral and rote, but it’s a Conan film. What isn’t excusable is the music the trailer is cut to, some screamo [I think I lose track of what shitty music should be attributed to what shitty genre] tune that rips off “Crazy Train”. Somehow cutting Clash of the Titans to rock music worked and this doesn’t. I dunno.

Regardless, it’s Friday and a trailer featuring men hewn in pieces might be just what the witch doctor ordered. Behold!