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China Clones Top Police Dog With an Eye To “Mass Production”

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China Clones their ‘top’ police dog. Which: kinda terrifying. What makes a police dog that specializes in drug detection and ‘crowd control’ the Top canine in the eyes of the gentle Chinese government?

Global Times, which is the Chinese state media, announced, that they are doing so with the goal of churning out genetically identical dog cops.

The pup, named Kunxun, is a clone of the “Sherlock Holmes of police dogs,” according to Reuters. Little Kunxun is a clone of Huahuangma, a 7-year-old female Kunming Wolfdog from Pu’er, Yunnan Province.

Turns out that Huahuangma was recognized as the Ministry of Public Security first-class meritorious dog in 2016, for her help in investigating murder cases.

Now her clone is up and running. The three month old pup just started police dog training, to see whether the original dog’s aptitude for drug detection and crowd control is an inheritable trait.

Kunxun was mixed and created in December by Sinogene Biotechnology and Yunnan Agricultural University—with the support of the government.

Tests show Kunxun’s DNA as 99.9% identical to Huahuangma’s.

Wan Jiusheng, one of the researchers fromKunming Dog Base of Public Security, told the Science and Technology Daily that Kunxun already shows higher aptitude than regularly bred Kuming Wolfdogs in a series of tests.

He went on to say that Kunxun will be able to become a police dog when it is about 10 months old.

For the Chinese government, the rationale for cloning already established police dogs comes down to money.

Training a regular police dog in China costs the equivalent of $60,000, according to the Global Times, and takes up to five years. If the experiment’s a success, the goal is “mass production” of cloned police dogs.

A successful police dog clone technology would  lower the elimination rate of police dogs at the puppy training stage, he said.

Wan said the research group is planning to establish a national police dog somatic cell bank to fully preserve and utilize top-notch police dogs. Which we suppose means that you can order catalog security dog types once the process is down pat.

South Korea started cloning police dogs in 2007.

Barbra Streisand started in 2017

What could possibly go wrong?