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THE TRAILER   THE DIRECTOR  • Michael Rianda • Jeff Rowe THE ACTORS Danny McBride, Eric André, Abbi Jacobson, Maya Rudolph, Michael Rianda THE STORY A strange, dysfunctional road trip of the family ends up when it is during the robot apocalypse and suddenly becomes the final hope of mankind. Like a mix of an … Continue reading


THE TRAILER   THE DIRECTOR  Yulene Olaizola THE ACTORS Marcelino Cobá Flota, Ian Flowers, Mariano Tun Xool, Mario Canche, Dale Carley, Indira Rubie Andrewin, Cornelius McLaren, Gilberto Barraza THE STORY 1920, the Mexico-Belize border. While deep in the Mayan Forest, an affluent area abounding in folklore, a group of Mexican gum workers met Agnes, a … Continue reading


THE TRAILER   THE DIRECTOR  Simon Stone THE CAST Johnny Flynn, Ralph Fiennes, Bronwyn James, Carey Mulligan, Archie Barnes, James Dryden, Joe Hurst, Paul Ready, Christopher Godwin, Ellie Piercy, Robert Wilfort, Monica Dolan, Amelia Stephenson, Lily James, Ken Stott, Ben Chaplin, Danny Webb, Eamon Farren, Johnny Flynn, John Macmillan, Stephen Worrall, Jack Bennett THE STORY … Continue reading


THE TRAILER   THE CAST  Colin Salmon, Bob Odenkirk, Gage Munroe, RZA, Michael Ironside, Christopher Lloyd, Billy MacLellan, Connie Nielsen, Alexey Serebryakov. THE STORY Nobody, a great action movie, repositioned Liam Neeson’s heroes as a star of “Better Call Saul.” While one may appear like an extended stretch of the creative intellect behind “Mr. Show,” … Continue reading

Cruella Movie Review- villain’s origin story

THE TRAILER   THE DIRECTOR  Craig Gillespie THE ACTORS Paul Walter Hau, Emma Stone, Joel Fry, Emma Thompson THE STORY Here’s all you need to understand exactly about the newest Disney blockbuster movie Cruella: It’s not a story. Princesses, snowmen, and fairy godmothers are not there to rescue the day. There’s no love tale, no … Continue reading

The Quiet Palace Movie Review- Horror Movie

THE TRAILER   THE DIRECTOR  John Krasinski THE ACTORS Noah Jupe, Emily Blunt, Millicent Simmonds, John Krasinski, Cade Woodward, Cillian Murphy THE STORY Bryan Woods wrote this movie. This movie makes you an active participant in a tension game, not simply one who watches passively. The best horror films drew us into the characters’ lives … Continue reading

The Shawshank Redemption

THE TRAILER   THE DIRECTOR  Frank Darabont THE ACTORS Morgan Freeman (Ellis Boyd Redding), Tim Robbins(Andy Dufresne), Bob Gunton (Warden Norten), William Sadler (Heywood) THE CAUSE Crime Fiction/Friendship THE STORY The Shawshank Redemption is a 1994 film, and it is a story of the greatest security jail in Maine holding experiences of different detainees’ persistence and gives a … Continue reading

CHUD select

Have you been looking for a movie or series to get into? Welcome to CHUD select, where we take a deep dive to find you the best of the best. We recommended you check out these movies and shows just by watching them. Don’t read too much about the plot just start them as a … Continue reading

Weird City: A Recommended Blind Watch

A short and sweet series is Weird City. Done in an Anthology style like Three… Extremes, the show is very unique and funny. From it’s guest stars to it’s storylines, Weird City is memorable from beginning to end. It’s available to stream on YouTube Premium and is recommended to watch with as little background info … Continue reading