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Castle Rock: Hulu’s Creepy Stephen King Series to Add 3 New Stars to Cast for Season 2

castle rock

Castle Rock premiered in, 2018 with a pretty outstanding response from fans of the Stephen King multiverse.

It certainly launched with an impressive pedigree: Produced by J.J. Abrams and Stephen King himself,  and featured a list of acting royalty of people who have appeared in adaptations of King  stories, like Sissy Spacek who played Carrie in 1976 and  Bill Skarsgård —- Pennywise in 2017’s IT

Like True Detective, Castle Rock is an anthology series, and Season 2 will feature a story line based on Misery’s psychopath Annie Wilkes. Lizzie Caplan will giver her take on the role made famous by Kathy Bates. Which: Holy moley, Chudlings, Nobody does crazy better than Caplan. (consider that a copyright notice, bitches) (All due respect to Julianne Moore)

Anyways, the new storyline is set to premier on Hulu later this year, and Caplan won’t be the only star addition to the effort.,

Shawshank Redemption King veteran Tim Robbins and Elsie Fisher will also star in the show’s second season.

Robbins will create the first onscreen version of  Reginald “Pop” Merrill, the patriarch of King’s nasty crime family. In this story he is dying of cancer and trying to sort out his predictably horrible relations with his family.

Chud trivia note:  King fans would only know about Pop Merrill from King’s novella The Sun Dog, from Four Past Midnight.

Otherwise, people who have been alive for more than 20 years will already be well acquainted with the ubiquitous Mr. Robbins. Including HBO’s one season comedy collaboration “The Brink” with Jack Black.

Elsie Fisher is a newcomer, mostly noted for her voice work in children’s films and what not. Perhaps the most cogent thing we know about her comes from her imdb listing: Her favorite animal is a giraffe.

As Annie’s home schooled daughter, Fisher will play Joy, a teenager who begins questioning her mother’s sanity. This is, after all, a Stephen King story, so that is a given. Children are always the only accurate barometer of when the shit is about to hit the fan in the King multiverse (yeah, we keep using that term, but in fairness we are obsessed with it from the quote below:

Show runner Dustin Thomason:

“Each season is going to be its own self-contained story: beginning, middle and end,….But I think that just as the books do, we want to surprise viewers with the ways in which the stories intersect. Just as the places the characters pop up in very unexpected ways throughout the books, that’s the kind of anthology that we would like to tell. One of the things about the King universe, or multiverse, is that some very strange things can happen when it comes to the ways that the stories unfold, and hopefully there will be surprises along the way in terms of how the anthology works in that way. It’s pretty delicious that Kathy Bates played both Dolores Claiborne and Annie Wilkes, when you really think about that question in the movie adaptations. But I think that there’s something for us about being faithful to the way that Steve does it in the books, that almost feels like the anthology format has already been laid out for us.”