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April 12, 2019
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BrightBurn Poster Introduces a Supervillain


Brightburn and the creepy revelation poster.

James Gunn—yes…YES…the Guardians of the Galaxy James Gunn is producing a film that aims to blur the lines between superhero flick and creep child movie: Its called BrightBurn.

Its being directed by David Yarovesky , and it just released a new poster that introduces a new Supervillain

BrightBurn, which has all the feeling of a supervillain origin story that reverses the story concept of Superman.

In the film, a young boy from another planet is adopted by human parents who believe him to be special.

He turns out to be special.

In the same way the Dahmer was ‘special’.

The film is starring Elizabeth Banks and distinguishes itself by taken one step further than DeadPool.  Ryan Reynolds’ Marvel portrayal gives us a satisfying rogue that does verifiably f’d up things that qualify as ‘bad’. But he’s kinda hot, in a relatable, funny and disarming kind of way,  Like we know he USED to be hot, even though he now looks like an avocado had sex with an even older avocado and had a baby,  But he does a lot of charming ‘good’ things too.

Not this time, apparently.

It will be the first major studio film of the modern era that will give a superhero treatment to a creepy, bad guy.

Sure there have been Evil Guy Magnum Opii before. Dracula, Willard,  Cheney, and to a certain extent the original Cheney: Darth Vader.

But not in the strictly Superhero genre.

James Gunn announced last year, “About a year ago my brother Brian, my cousin Mark, director David Yarovesky, producer Simon Hatt and I started coming up with an idea for a horror film that excited me in a way nothing outside of Guardians has in years – it was personal, and different, and perfectly suited for our times. And, yes, terrifying.”

Mark Gunn and Brian Gunn wrote the script.