May 16, 2019

5 Supervillains who could be the next big bad for the next phase of the MCU

Avengers: Endgameis now a thing of the past. We sat through ten plus years of movies picking apart all of the easter eggs and clues and paid close attention to all the post-credit scenes so […]
May 16, 2019
caroline williams, dead for filth

Caroline Williams, one of our Favorite Scream Queens Featured On Dead For Filth Podcast

Scream Queen Caroline Williams is a featured guest on the latest edition of the “Dead For Filth” podcast hosted by the extremely accomplished screenwriter/producer Michael Varrati. Iconic Scream Queen Caroline Williams began her career in […]
May 16, 2019
twilight zone, wunderkind

‘Twilight Zone’ episode: ‘The Wunderkind’

There’s a somewhat interesting point to be made in the newest episode of Jordan Peele’s Twilight Zone — if you’re willing to put up with a whole lot of nonsense, that is. The newest Twilight […]
May 16, 2019
what we do in the shadows, animal control

‘What We Do in the Shadows’ episode: ‘Animal Control’

Bad news: we’re halfway through this season of What We Do in the Shadows already. Time flies, doesn’t it? Good news: I have literally no evidence whatsoever to back this up, but I’m feeling there’s […]