Renn Brown

Blog Wars: Part VII

Set-UpPart 2: Gabe’s BlogPart 3: Erix BlogPart 4: Tom’s BlogPart 5: David (care of Troy’s Blog)Part 6: Sam’s Blog***Mark David Chapman puts away his smoking revolver and opens his cell phone. “It’s done, Master.”Half a world away Pato Hoffman smiles. “Very good,” he replies. “Now prepare yourself…they are coming. And Mark?”“Yes, Lord.”“If his son gets … Continue reading

Chewing Film School #1

As if I needed another title with a number at the end. The move is over. Monday, I started classes for the fall quarter of my Junior year at film school. I’ve been excited to blog about the going’s on at school for awhile, now I finally can. I pondered writing an intro piece trying … Continue reading