August 25, 2012

Carry on Ken: Carry On at Your Convenience

I found it a bit of a slog last time to fit all of the information into the review so I’m going to mix up the format a bit.  So with that in mind lets […]
August 14, 2012

Carry on Ken: Carry on Abroad.

So here we are , entry one in a very long series.  We start with not only one of my favorite Carry On films but the film that made me realise I was straight, but […]
August 2, 2012

Carry On Ken

Oooh Matron!
July 14, 2012

Not quite San Diego

So last weekend I attended the London Film and Comic con.  This was my first convention in about 4 years and it proved to me two things. 1. I am very out of touch with […]