June 17, 2008

The Black Sheep Journal: It's Not The Mileage, It's The Years

HOLLYWOOD, 1981.  My girlfriend told me that she wanted to me to take her to Grauman’s Chinese Theater to see some movie starring Harrison Ford about the search for the lost ark.  Well, I certainly […]
June 15, 2008

The Black Sheep Journal: Many Happy Returns

I was very excited to read that AMC and ITV were producing a six-episode mini-series based on The Prisoner, according to news posted on Six of One (the series’ “official appreciation site).   The 1967 […]
June 9, 2008

The Black Sheep Journal: Geeks vs. Stoners

Yesterday afternoon my wife and I attended a luncheon at the parochial school where she teaches.  The event, which we helped to arrange, was to honor twelve distinguished former students and faculty members.  One of […]
June 1, 2008

The Black Sheep Journal: Courage Can Never Be Silenced

I had planned to share my thoughts about the latest news on The Hobbit or Watchmen in this, my second blog entry – and I certainly didn’t want to discuss Star Trek again so soon […]