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April 16, 2019
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April 16, 2019

Annabelle Comes Home Trailer: Demon Doll and her Evil Cabbage Patch Mayhem Pals.

annabelle comes home

Honestly, who would have guessed that Patrick Wilson would become the horror box office equivalent of Harrison Ford? Starring simultaneously in the two top franchises of a genre. (Indiana Jones and Star Wars for Ford,  Insidious and The Conjuring franchises for Wilson.

He got introduced to mass audiences, playing the gay Mormon Reagan Administration lawyer in HBO’s Angels in America series.  Then notably in The Watchmen.

But for the past decade, he has been able to credibly animate The Conjuring franchise.

The newest installment features not only the bad, bad, BAAAD doll Annabelle, but director Gary Dauberman’s introduces a whole garpage pail kids collection of new baddies in his directorial debut, Annabelle Comes Home.

The first trailer for the SIXTH film of the series—Have there been as many Xenomorph ‘Alien’ films yet? is pretty much all about the Warren’s wickedly famous evil artifact museum. This gives us a veritable Pu Pu Platter of Possessed possessions.

The action starts occurring when our little Annabelle goes all satanic #resist and  ringleads the other demonic critters which are supposed to be semi safely contained in the Museum in a #uprising.

The result is a Hell’s version of “Bustin Loose’ while ole Ed and Lorraine are out gallivanting around on their newest investigation.

Which: Is anyone detecting a pattern here about leaving this shit just lying around unsupervised yet?

Annabelle Comes Home’s director is no stranger to the Conjuringverse, having written four out of the six films in the series, including the original Annabelle, Annabelle: Creation, The Nun, and Annabelle Comes Home

He also wrote the screen play for the new ITeration of Stephen King’s It

Patrick Wilson and Vera Fermiga will not be consigned to cameo roles as was originally gossipped about, but will actually do stuff and get shocked by the outright evil of the evil things.

Steve Coulter also returns  as Father Gordon and he is joined by newcomers Mckenna Grace as Judy Warren (from Netflix’s smash hit The Haunting of Hill House as young Theo),  Madison Iseman (Jumanji), and Katie Sarife (Youth and Consequences).

It must be nice to have a Franchise Concept that lets you make a full spin off from literally anything lying around on the set. Dolls, references to nuns, old darts. With six and counting, all we can do is hope that we wont be treated to films like: The Conjuring: Dental Floss of Annabelle.

No scratch that. Lets hope we do.

Annabelle Comes Home opens on June 28.2019