So, pics have recently surfaced that would indicate that the long, long, long gestating Mad Max sequel Mad Max: Fury Road has actually begun filming. In case you had given up entirely on this vapor-film, this is directed by Max creator George Miller and puts fanboy favorite Tom Hardy in the shoulder pads and driver’s seat as the titular Max. As to how angry said Max is, we will have to wait and see. My guess is he’ll be reasonably pissed. It also features a shaved-headed Charlize Theron. She’s probably not too happy about that either.

There is much uncertainty about this project. For one thing, the pics, which can be found at Aint it Cool news, seem legit, but not even Harry Knowles seems to know for sure. There have been so many crazy setbacks to this project that I am reticent to say it’s happening for sure until I see a trailer or something. There is also uncertainty that if this is indeed getting made that it will be worth the interminable wait. It seems every time one of these once great filmmakers goes back to their most beloved creations, we the fans end up disappointed in the end result, as this summer’s Prometheus seemed to prove conclusively. I am a huge fan of the Mad Max films, and I like Tom Hardy, so I am starting to feel that familiar swell of excitement that will inevitably lead to dissappointment. But who knows, maybe this will be great. Or it will never actually get made. Either way, if anyone has more conclusive evidence as to the film’s status, please let the internet know.

Side note: From what I’ve seen of The Dark Knight Rises, Hardy’s Bane seems a little reminiscent of The Road Warrior‘s Lord Humongous. I find that worth noting for some reason.