Speaking of 1996 coming back, Capcom announced today that they’re bringing the two under-represented titles in their fighting game CV back to life this September in Marvel vs Capcom Origins. The two titles in question being Marvel Super Heroes and the original Marvel vs Capcom, both in the same package for the low low price of $14.99. And because, as always, Capcom loves you, they’re beefing them both up with 8 player spectator mode, challenges, new costumes, replay saving, the woiks.

The original MvsC got a 100% arcade perfect Dreamcast port and a runny leftover of a PS1 port. Meanwhile, Marvel Super Heroes got a decent Saturn port with minor sound issues, and a runny leftover of a PS1 port. Oh how far we’ve come. Of course, I also remember Marvel Super Heroes being the last of the “slow” Capcom Marvel games, so I’m really interested/scared shitless of how that’s held up. Behold the trailer below.