1996 was a good year all around to be a gamer, but what I’ll always remember more than anything is how hostile the platformer wars got, when Sony and Sega tried to drink Nintendo’s milkshake with the first full 3D mascot action titles, and failing to varying degrees against Mario 64. Crash Bandicoot, like most of the first gen of PS1 titles, is nigh unplayable and cheap. But they still drag his bloated corpse out to go-kart race every other year or so*. Nights, on the other hand, was a short, but really sweet slice of gameplay that pretty much languishes in obscurity, and that weaksauce Wii sequel from a couple years back did nothing to change that.

Well, kids, Sega’s giving you another chance to party like it’s 1996 again, since they’re giving the original Nights the HD treatment this fall. The usual added value suspects are here: Achievements/Trophies, leaderboards, along with the ability to play the game with its original Saturn graphics, which haven’t aged nearly as bad as its contemporaries from that era. Anybody play the original Tomb Raider lately? Looks like a x400 view of Mickey Rourke’s face.

Check the trailer below. No official date or price just yet, though this seems to be a running pattern. Aaaanyday you wanna drop that Jet Grind Radio XBLA date on us, Sega…

*-Right alongside Jumping Flash!,  despite that game doing EVERYTHING better than that orange asshole.