Title Weekend Gross Per Screen Gross to Date
1 Disturbia $13,460.000 (-39.4%) $4,464 $40,654,000
2 Fracture $11,175,000 $4,574 $11,175,000
3 Blades of Glory $7,808,000 (-43.5%) $2,257 $101,082,000
4 Vacancy $7,600,000 $2,979 $7,600,000
5 Meet the Robinsons $7,088,000 (-43.1%) $2,360 $82,211,000
6 Hot Fuzz $5,837,000 $7,075 $5,837,000
7 Are We Done Yet? $5,200,000 (-41.9%) $1,766 $39,591,000
8 In the Land of Beef Drapes $4,915,000 $2,280 $4,915,000
9 Perfect Stranger $4,100,000 (-63.4%) $1,540 $18,068,000
10 Wild Hogs $2,872,000 (-38.6%) $1,435 $156,213,000

Two people besides me guessed this week, and you can see that here. As for Micah and Dan’s picks, as they aren’t here to defend them at the moment (they may chime in on the message boards), Micah was right on the money with Vacancy and Wild Hogs, we all overestimated the appeal of new pictures.

Hot Fuzz had the best per screen. Shaun of the Dead got to $13 Million, so it’d be nice to see Hot Fuzz do twice that. Show that the fan base has grown. But HF is not going away – I look forward to future generations who get exposed to these films as I was to Monty Python and the Holy Grail. I hope it warps their little minds. Still, the near-six million opening weekend is good. Not holy shit good, but good. I expect it might find homes and some steady business in some theaters, or, if I still lived in Portland, Oregon, that in about two months it would be playing steady at the McMenamins’ Brew Pub theaters, and people would be getting schnockered and watching it a lot. Or, that is to say, I would.

Disturbia had fairly good word of mouth and so it held on to the top spot. It’d be interesting to suggest that the public had thriller malaise, but when it accounts for over $36 million dollars worth of business, it’s more that that money was spread around. But the value of new didn’t mean much, and so Fracture and Vacancy registered, but will struggle to make it to the $30 million range. In the Land of Women? Well, here’s the op-ed piece waiting to happen: Jon Kasdan, son of Lawrence, got more of a pass than Sophia Coppola, daughter of Francis, did with the altogether more successful The Virgin Suicides. Ladies, burning those bras was not enough. And burning G-Strings doesn’t have the same symbolic value (and I suspect that the material therein would mostly go *poof* and you couldn’t hold on to it in the same way, cause it’s like padded dental floss and shit). Mr. Kasdan should return at a sooner-than-later date, and may have needed to fail small with this to find his footing.

With nothing super kid-oriented until Shrek the Third, Robinsons has a good shot of hitting $100, which I said before, but I would like to crow about that. Blades crossed that marker this weekend, which I also called (snap). Perfect Stranger sunk like a stone (also an op-ed piece: was this film sunk by the associations with cousin Balki?), and will hit about $22 or 23 in total. But Sony knew that it was likely a three week picture, and won’t mind ditching most of their PS screens for Spidey 3 in a week and a half.

Hey, here’s something that’s a surprise: I keep hearing that SM3 is a weak sister. The pre-buzz is suggesting repeat factor will be less than, because it not being good means nothing for the opening weekend. With Pirates 3 already generating some concern about the near-three-hour running time, I think May might be called for the least interesting green-eared picture of the bunch. But if May is filled with more problem pictures than juggernauts, this summer may come at the world more uneven than its powerhouse line up suggests. Problem pictures in that maybe only one of three hits $400 stateside. And maybe only two hit $300. We shall see.

Speaking of seeing, I did an FAQ here. Check it out.