Last week I voiced my desire to see a sequel to MacGruber, one of my favorite comedies of the last 2,000 years.

Director Jorma Taccone and star Will Forte certainly seem game, but there’s the matter of financing a sequel to a film that wasn’t all that successful. Still, Will Forte confirmed to CraveOnline that a script will 100% be written, even if it’s just ultimately for fun:

“I guess the best way to put it is the probability of us writing a Macgruber 2 script in the next six months is 100%. The probability of somebody giving us money to make that script is somewhat less than 100%. We would do it if someone were to let us do it.”

We will definitely write a Macgruber 2 if only just to have fun. Like people who are into sports will go out and play pickup basketball. Comedy nerds will go write scripts. We actually have some ideas written down already and a couple of scenes but we’ve got to figure out exactly what we’re going to do. We’re definitely going to write it. It’s just a matter of if anybody would ever let us make it.”

Somebody bankroll this fucking movie now. We never did  see MacGruber break the “amount of your own dick in your mouth” record – perhaps worth revisiting in a future installment. Besides, my throat rip quota for 2012 and beyond is getting low. I need some inspiration. We all need some inspiration. For throat rips.