There are a slew of great games available right now courtesy of the fine folks at the Humble Indie Bundle and Indie Royale. While Indie Royale’s Graduation Bundle is a tad weak, with the top game (in my opinion) being Dead Pixels, the Humble Indie Bundle has rolled out what is, quite possibly, their best bundle yet – The Humble Indie Bundle V, which includes Bastion (worth the price of the entire bundle, as it’s brilliant in every way), Amnesia: The Dark Descent, Psychonauts, Limbo and Superbrothers: Sword and Sworcery EP.

To sweeten the deal, you get DRM-free versions of the games, Steam version and the icing on this delicious indie cake are that all the soundtracks are included. You would literally be the dumbest person alive to pass this up. Seriously. Very fucking dumb.

Indie Flop:

Speaking of dumb (very fucking dumb), Sparkling Games, the people behind Like, Favorite, Shoot! should be flogged and thrown off a bridge. While their families watch. Like, Favorite, Shoot! is perhaps the worst title I have ever seen grace the Indie Marketplace in a long time. With horrific “acting”, terrible gameplay and what is perhaps the dumbest premise in creation, I nearly vomited while attempting to slog through this shitfest.

From the official description on “Featuring all of your favourite Youtube stars, this is the first and only game that lets you truly Like, Favourite or Shoot them! With global leaderboards and HD graphics, this is your chance to gun with the stars!”

HD graphics? Where? Pixelated nonsense is more like it. Seriously, I thought Mambow was bad, but Like, Favorite, Shoot! takes the taco for the worst game in existence. The shit-taco. I think that’s going to be my new way of declaring an “Indie Flop”. The Shit Taco Award. Thank you, Like, Favorite, Shoot! for inspiring my Shit Taco.

Indie Darling:

Bureau – Shattered Slipper is the follow-up to Bureau – Agent Kendall, a game that was basically sold on its Poser-inspired graphics featuring a young (and busty) heroine as she solves crimes for the FBI. Or something. She had huge ta-tas and looked hot, so I guess the game sold well enough to warrant a sequel.

Perhaps I’m being too harsh, the game itself was solid, albeit, I remember the game being a solid police procedural that was a tad controversial due to the sexualization of its lead character. I guess players had forgotten that Lara Croft’s chest had gotten ridiculously large and that Bayonetta’s body proportions were impossible by human standards, but when it came to Agent Kendall, there was trouble to be had.

Nevertheless, Twist-EdGames has done a great job with the sequel, and I’m honestly very excited to continue with the game itself. The investigative nature of the game, using various CSI-inspired technological wizardry is exciting and plays like a modern take on L. A. Noire, minus the hero who goes from 0-60 in terms of rage. At 240 MSP (around three bucks), I would say the game is worth it.

There you have it! Buy some indies! Earn yourself some good karma for helping the garage developers of the world (along with charities courtesy of Indie Royale and The Humble Indie Bundle).

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