Last thing I ought to be is a drop in the ocean-bucket of Dark Knight pontifications, but this is a character close to my heart, so what the hell, here’s my un-review:


Mostly, I totally loved it.  There were a lot of great moments and when I say great I mean astounding.  I can’t recommend strongly enough that The Dark Knight be seen on IMAX, where the full-screen city establishing shots and most of the action sequences reclaim that overused word “awesome”.  And hard as it is to do nowadays, ideally one should go in knowing as little about the plot as possible, because this movie has the power of surprise.  I did as good a job as I could do of blocking out such knowledge prior to the fact, but it wasn’t easy.  The thunder was deafening.


In light of that, though, I quietly suggest that this is not exactly the perfect movie I heard tell of, that flawless masterpiece to be raved over for the last couple weeks and onwards until eternity.  I would lean on that old cliche and most backhanded of compliments, “too much of a good thing” – and maybe one day explain myself in more exacting detail so that I’m not ruining any of the movie’s surprises for those who haven’t seen it.  But I do still feel that if we are yet to see a perfect Batman movie, Chris Nolan will be the one to deliver it.  This time around though, my eyes, mind, and butt, and the A-grade of the movie itself, coulda used about twenty minutes shorn from the run-time.


I’m going to stop there for now, because we’re on the internet after all.  Here on the internet, people get threatened with death, or worse, for writing way less offensive sentiments than simply suggesting that The Dark Knight may not actually be the be-all and end-all of superhero movies.


Trust me when I say that I do not fear death, but neither do I much see the need to, before my time, invite death over for a chat about politics.


So instead I’d better vacate this entry early with a thank-you and a good-night and a cruddy drawing or two I did of Batman, because like I said above, I did mostly love the movie, and it did get me inspired enough to draw, which may or may not mean much to anyone but me…