I finally got around to seeing E.T. a few years ago, a friend loaned me his 20th Anniversary Edition. I loved every minute of Spielberg’s majestic opus of a friendship conquering the greatest cultural divide man has ever known. But now word comes that Amblin and Universal, along with Spielberg, cannot leave well enough alone. As you can see in this trailer I’ve embedded below, the walkie talkies have been replaced with GUNS.

I’m sorry, but this is fucking bullshit. Whatever happened to leaving an accomplished work alone? It’s not like Leonardo DiCaprio needed to go back and add shotguns to his “Mona Lisa” to make it edgier. I won’t stand for this. Who’s joining me in a petition to keep Spielberg’s original walkie-talkie intended work intact? We mustn’t rest until the true masterpiece is restored to its original form!

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