Variety is reporting that David Gordon Green’s Suspiria remake has landed a lead, and it’s Orphan and The Hunger Games‘s pint sized psycho Isabelle Fuhrman. She’ll be playing the role of Suzy, who was played by the willowy Jessica Harper in Dario Argento’ classic and impossible to replicate 1977 original. Personally I see Fuhrman more as one of Suzie’s tormentors, but she’s a skilled lil’ hellion and probably has more to her acting chops than just playing a teenage heavy. If Green likes her, I’m sure she can deliver.

But deliver what exactly? Argento’s film was a terror tone poem almost devoid of actual plot, so I don’t see what the admittedly talented Green could possibly bringing to the table here. But the guy has been passionate about this thing for a long time, and even though it seems the horror remake trend is winding down, he’s still hellbent on doing it. So I guess more evil black magic witch power to him. I can’t imagine it being anything but an interesting failure, but who knows. Good luck trying to outdo the iconic Goblin score, Dave.

Update: So after some digging I found this Complex article about Green’s plans for the film. Apparently he has the rights to do a symphonic version of the Goblin score. Huh. He also talks about how Black Swan changed his vision for the film. Pretty interesting stuff, regardless of what pans out.