CroupierI know a lot of movie and comic fans aren’t particularly sold on the live-action adaptation of Frank Miller’s Sin City from filmmaker Robert Rodriguez. Whether they’re just not moist about the notion of a panel-by-panel reconstruction of Miller’s graphic novels using humans (and Devon Aoki), or if they were personally soured by the experience of Spy Kids 3-D, I have no idea.

The trailer has finally come online (and as an aside, will studios please just universally accept Quicktime as the only feasible format for trailers? And none of that streaming bullshit, either), and for the doubters, it’s either gonna glaze their donuts or officially repulse them permanently. Me, I kinda like the visual approach Rodriguez has taken, although I would still argue that the finished product could stand to have a little more grime. The movie was shot entirely against green-screens, with backgrounds added in post-production in the style of Attack of the Clones (*shudder*) and Sky Captain.

The crime noir flick, which stars almost everyone, condenses several of Miller’s Sin City tales (“That Yellow Bastard”, “The Big Fat Kill” and “The Hard Goodbye”, the name assigned to the initial Marv and Goldie story), meshing them together in three distinct arcs whose characters cross paths throughout the film. I expect it will be the only major 2005 release to feature a rollerblading ninja prostitute, but I’ve been wrong before.