Confirmed: There will still be a Marvel Studios after Avengers. They’re working on lining up projects beyond Shane Black’s Iron Man 3 and tops on the list of things to do is securing a director for a sequel to Captain America: The First Avenger. Fine people of Vulture, take it away!

Insiders tell us that a field of ten directors has been whittled to just three for the follow-up to last summer’s hit: George Nolfi, the writer-director of The Adjustment Bureau; F. Gary Gray, best known for directing The Italian Job; and, naturally …Community‘s Anthony and Joseph Russo?

The Community guys? Why not. They did direct You, Me and Dupree, but I’ve already forgiven them for that. I didn’t exactly hate Joe Johnston’s take with the first film, but considering that this movie will most-likely take place in the present day I can’t begrudge Marvel wanting a fresh approach. Johnston, who’s shooting Not Safe for Work right now, works best behind the lens of Americana period pieces like Rockateer or Captain. Gray and Nolfi don’t excite me too much as contenders. So if the Bros Russo are the only alternative, I’m for it.