EXCLUSIVE SHOT OF NEW BATSUIT!!!Batman Begins, the rebooting of the Batman franchise that is the centerpiece of Warner Bros’ 2005 slate, is already spawning a sequel. That shouldn’t be much of a surprise to anyone who hasn’t spent the last few decades in Papua New Guinea, praying to avoid kuru, the laughing disease. I mean, everybody who is involved with this film has been signed to a three picture deal, with options on their eternal souls and/or likenesses in perpetuity.

Batman On Film, the only Batman fansite inspired by a Duran Duran song since A View To a Batman shut down, has some of the inside scoop on what we can expect to see in Batman 2: Batman Begin Again:

– Nolan is going to direct. He isn’t signed–at least not "officially," but it’s no secret that the movie franchise is now "Nolan’s Baby" as our source called it.

– The villian that seems to be obvious for the sequel, might not appear in the next film. "They may want to build up to his appearance over the first two films – have him in the finale," says our source.

– As everyone already knows, Christian Bale, Michael Caine, and Gary Oldman are set to return. Morgan Freeman will probably be back as Lucius Fox.

– David Goyer will most likely be involved with the sequel. His status is much like that of Nolan’s. BOF’s source speculates that his role will be much like that for BEGINS – writing the first draft and then Nolan taking over.

– The sequel will probably not pick up right after the events of BEGINS. A bit of time may have passed between the events of BEGINS and the sequel. The Batman may be a bit more established in the follow-up.

– The villian could be one that we saw in the previous Burton/Schumacher series.