Oh how this hits the sweet spot, doesn’t it? Beautiful, evocative, and furthering the mystery that this film has become. There’s no movie I’m looking more forward to right now than Ridley Scott’s Prometheus. Partly because Alien is an all-timer for me and partly because HAVE YOU SEEN THE TRAILER? I’ve been avoiding all spoilers on this for a while now, but there’s nothing about this picture that feels spoilery to me.

The pic was a bit of viral marketing tied in with a domain registered to the evil, filthy, corrupt Weyland Industries (click the image if you want to go to the site and see it bigger). The room pictured is much larger than it initially comes off. Note the tiny human taking it all in. Are we finally seeing all of that Space Jockey tech from Alien in action? Between this and that Peter Weyland TED talk it would appear as if the promotion of the film is in full swing.

Source: Weyland Industries