BaldWhen not spending time making unnecessary cameos (see: Ocean’s 12) or sequels to crap comedies (don’t see: The Whole Ten Yards), megastar Bruce Willis does still occasionally dabble in the hard-nosed cop action that made him a marquee name in the first place. Such as the upcoming Hostage, based on the novel by Robert Crais.

In the flick, Willis plays a former LAPD SWAT hostage negotiator turned small-town sheriff who finds himself unwillingly drawn back into his old career when robbers (no Euro-terrorists) take a local family hostage (hey, like in the title). With the feds, the mob and his own kin also involved, the irony gets even messier. Florent Emilio Siri, hot off the excellent French siege flick Nid de guêpes (a.k.a. The Nest), directs the intensity. Looks good.