STUDIO: A&E Entertainment
MSRP: $24.95
RUNNING TIME: 397 minutes

  • The Best of Billy: One Hour Special
  • Behind the scenes

The Pitch

It’s the third season of the untapped genre of exterminator reality shows!

"Well, you've got a little debris in your pool..."

The Humans

Billy Bretherton and family

The Nutshell

Who do you call when there are roaches in your trailer?  Not Larry the Cable Guy- you call Billy the Exterminator!  He’s your southern fried exterminator with an attitude and he’s gonna show those alligators, wasps, and rats who’s boss.

The Lowdown

If you’re a fan of the soul-sucking genre that is reality television, chances are you’ve stumbled upon this show in your travels.  For my money, A&E has some of the best, if not the best, reality programming on television.  Whether it’s The First 48, Storage Wars, Parking Wars, or this, you really can’t go wrong for guilty pleasure/time-wastin’ television.


The premise is simple, of course.  Billy, who traditionally looks like he came out of the wrong end of a biker gang, is dispatched to various residences or businesses which are infested with some sort of varmint(s) or insects, and his job is to dispatch of them.  Whether it’s skillfully or by the skin of his teeth, he gets the job done.  His jobs this season are as involved as bees that have made a home in the walls of a fireman training tower, or as mundane as pulling a beached armadillo out of a customer’s pool.  Over the course of the season’s 17 episodes there are plenty of other hairy (pun intended) situations that Billy finds himself in.

He often elects to bring his brother, Ricky, along for jobs, which of course makes for interesting television when one considers that Ricky is very allergic to bees and wasps yet decides to go along with Billy for those jobs regardless.  Sometimes, he brings his father Billy Sr. and on rare occasions their mother Donnie will tag along.  It being a family business, they aren’t exactly afraid to get their hands dirty.

Ah, yes...episode 12. Billy is sent to subdue a pack of wild extinguishers.

The great thing about Billy is that he definitely believes in treating the animals with respect, no matter how vicious they are.  Most episodes end with a shot of Billy either dropping a sick animal off at an animal hospital or just releasing something into the wild.  There’s only the very rare occasion where animals are too much of a danger to be let go.  This season, a situation called for a group of wild hogs that were running loose to be put down.  In that case, though, their meat was generously donated to feed families in need.  He’s a bit on the eccentric side, but the guy has a huge heart.

In general, it’s a show I enjoy and one I’m not afraid to watch when nothing else is on.  Some of the situations Billy gets into might make your skin crawl, but you’ll end up being glad there are people like him out there to take care of those situations.

The Package

Not very much, but tacked onto the end of Season 3 (serving as the 17th episode) is a special called “The Best of Billy”.  It does not disapppoint, as it shows some of his very worst jobs.  One of those jobs involved Billy and Ricky being called to clear some yellow jackets out of a shed, but when they got there they discovered a virtual CASTLE that was created by those yellow jackets.  It was crazy to look at.  They had to pull a python out of some guy’s garage, and since I hate snakes, I would have screamed “Nope!” all the way home at that point.  I’m a wuss.

This is where I wanted to place the Jersey Shore joke. But that's not fair to those hogs.


Out of a Possible 5 Stars