A huge amount of effort has been expended by a massive amount of people in service to fan-cut trailers, remixes, parodies, mash-ups, supercuts, and other tribute videos on the internet. And while it might be a bit sad to know just how many man-hours have spent on such things, it’s not really a big deal when you consider most of them would probably have otherwise been expended on video games or masturbation. With that in mind, the fact that we from time to time receive the gift of an actually interesting, illuminating or even artful piece of re-purposed media makes me glad such a culture exits, and a piece like this Alien trailer cut in the style of the recent (embedded below) Prometheus teaser is exactly why…

It speaks volumes about the excellent structure of the Prometheus trailer that it translates so well.

I think I’m going to go rewatch Alien now. I hear the home video anthology (available in Blu-ray or DVD from CHUD) is quite nice….

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(thanks to Luis Alan Rizo and his FB feed!)