The puzzle has been solved. Here is the new poster:

There may only be 11 days left on kids’ Advent calendars, but for a section of the young crowd (and a sizable section of the old crowd, for that matter) there are still 100 agonizing days left until one of the most anticipated films of 2012 hits the big screen — Gary Ross’ adaptation of Suzanne Collins’ Hunger Games, which graces theaters on March 23 next year. To further stoke the fires of excitement amongst the fanbase, Hunger Games is staging a little scavenger hunt on the web, which CHUD is more than happy to be a piece of… a puzzle piece of, to be exact!

#HungerGames100 Poster Puzzle Hunt, as this here game is officially labeled, has spread 100 different puzzle pieces across 100 different sites, and it’s up to you – if you accept the challenge – to collect them and unveil the new poster. Be the first to put the pieces together, and then post the finished product to Facebook – making sure to @tag The Official Hunger Games Movie Page – so the poster will be revealed!

Here’s the lowdown on what you need to do to unveil the poster:

– Search Twitter (or the web) for the #HungerGames100 hashtag
– Collect all 100 pieces and solve the puzzle
– Upload a photo of your poster to Facebook and @tag The Official Hunger Games Movie Page

CHUD has pieceĀ  93/100.

Be sure to download the official PDF puzzle piece to put it together:

Good hunting!