Update: Fans digging in have uncovered this website, with a clock counting down to 10AM PST tomorrow morning.

Here we go, folks.

Wired had the exclusive yesterday on a bit of viral marketing for The Dark Knight Rises: a fake CIA memo detailing Alon Aboutboul’s character in the film (with talk of nuclear reactors and fuel cycle tech). It might not have seemed like a lot, but it’s all it takes to get my Bat manties in a twist. And now we have official confirmation from the source that this party is fixing to get started courtesy of Warner’s TDKR Twitter account: a new document detailing something called “Operation Early Bird.”

The Why So Serious viral marketing campaign took up more of my time than I care to admit. It didn’t tell us much of anything about the film it was promoting, but it was great fun participating in what amounted to a prequel, filling in the space between Begins and Dark Knight. I’m not ashamed to say I voted for Harvey Dent.

So let’s dive in and spend way too much time reviewing a fake document with too few clues.