contains spoilers for the finale of Battlestar season 2. Don’t read it if you haven’t seen all the episodes.

I feel like an alcoholic who swallowed a little bit of mouth wash. I thought that I was handling the long hiatus between seasons of Battlestar Galactica quite well, even after all the hubbub at Comic Con. I was serene, I was zen about the wait. And then I saw the first webisode of Battlestar Galactic: Resistance, and I’m ready to bounce off the walls. How will I be able to wait for the October 5th premiere of the new season?

By watching these webisodes twice weekly. The first one picks up 67 days after the Cylon occupation of New Caprica, and much to my surprise it features real actors from the real show – I thought it would be just a bunch of no name Canucks having playtime on the Galactica sets. I should know better than to doubt Ron Moore at this point, though!

New webisodes, each about three minutes, appear Tuesday and Thursday of every week leading up to the third season premiere. Click here to watch the first one, and check back tomorrow for episode two.