Considering the last Twilight film made about 25% of its total worldwide gross (+$600m) by Sunday night of its domestic opening weekend alone, I’d expect we’ll be in for another insane bit of frenzy come this weekend when Part 1 of Breaking Dawn debuts. Like last time it will likely flame out relatively quickly for something with such a phenomenon-level opening and the vast majority of its cultural impact will be as an object of scorn, and yet Hollywood can’t help but pay attention…

First of all now is a good time to be Kristin Stewart, as your bread and butter franchise ups your quote once again, meanwhile you’ve already got seeds planted in other wheelhouse-friendly but non-Twilight endeavors. Specifically I’m referring to Snow White and the Hunstman (the trailer for which, despite being oddly light on Stewart, will probably get heavy rotation in theaters this weekend), but there’s also new word from Twitch Film that K-Stew (eugh) has been offered the main supporting female role in Akira.

Though the most recent Akira casting news involving Ezra Miller came from elsewhere, Twitch has had a streak of Akira-related newsbreaks, including the first breaks that actors like Gary Oldman, Garrett Hundland, and Helena Bonham Carter were being offered roles. This time they’ve pegged Stewart as the studio’s first choice for Kei, the love interest for Kaneda and thus potential opposite of Hedlund. The studio logic is not difficult to parse out of the offer, considering Stewart has a strong teen fanbase but yet has somehow managed to avoid being laden with too much Vampire baggage. That’s likely because she always looks like she hates being involved. No word yet on how deep in talks the actress and studio are, or if she’s right on the cusp of singing.

Twilight’s influence doesn’t end there though, as a very different film is responding to its success… The Muppets has added a cute new Twilight-inspired set of posters to their huge arsenal of parody posters from across the last year.

My very enthusiastic review of The Muppets (“…frankly, you’d pretty much have to be a giant asshole to not have a great time with this movie”) was the first on the web as far as I could tell, but as the film has started screening more widely this week I think you can expect to see many more excited responses soon on twitter and across other sites. There’s a mere week left between now and the film’s release, so gaze upon what may well be the last batch of Muppet posters (via IMP Awards)…

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