Less than a year ago, and yet what feels like three movies ago I was writing articles with intros talking about how well Statham has managed a Segal/JCVD-like career and yet kept it on the big screen, or how routine his tough guy roles have become, and now here we are again. This time Statham is protecting a little girl who seems to amount to being a fleshy thumb-drive as far as the plot is concerned. Because of a number she has in her head, a whole mess of criminals, gangs, and corrupt cops are after her, which sends ex-mega-cop Statham into play.

I’ll say action-wise this looks a tick more interesting than Killer Elite, though the plot set-up is a couple notches down from The Mechanic. All-in-all it appears to be a well-budgeted B-action movie take on The Professional, with all the grace and charm stripped from it. I do like the line about Statham’s huge balls.

Boaz Yakin directed Safe, and while Remember The Titans was assembled competently enough, he also wrote this film and his last writing credit is for Prince of Persia: Sands of Time. Yuck. It’s not even worth prognosticating on these movies anymore. Much more efficient to just let them fall in front of my eyes every four or five months and enjoy the surprise if there’s anything interesting or clever going on. This one hits March 2, 2012.

By Crom… make Crank 3 happen for Statham. Please.

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