Dear God,

I don’t want to come across as unappreciative.  I remember how swiftly you acted in 2008 when we were staring down the barrel of the gun that was George Miller’s Justice League.  We knew it was all too forced, too miscast to be worthy of anyone’s attention and would only serve to insult the DC characters we have all grown up loving.  As production news mounted and the movie seemed eminent all of geekdom let out a collective “Dear God, don’t let this happen!”

And you heard us.  As quick as it came the movie fizzled to nothing.  But now I’m starting to think we weren’t specific enough in our request.  Perhaps we were too vague when we asked you to not let this happen; our desire was that you would prevent Miller from making the Justice League movie, not to keep him from making adult-oriented live action films altogether.

But this is where we find ourselves.  The Mad Max sequels (Mad Max: Fury Road and Mad Mad: Furiosa) that were supposed to be going before camera soon are halting again.  Why is that happening?  Weather problems, which, as I understand it, is your department.  Apparently the barren wasteland Miller wanted to shoot in now has flowers and pelicans and water and all kinds of other pretty crap!  Why do you have to do this to us?  Its Australia!  That’s where we go when we need some good old fashion wasteland to film and we don’t want to pay California taxes or go to one of those deserty places that’s always on the news.  You’ve taken it from us!  Who benefits from this kind of thing?  Australians know the deal.  They’ve learned to live in deserts.  They don’t need greenery, that’s what New Zealand is for.  Australia is for wastelands and movies in which they are to be filmed and more than that, for Mad Max.

I know I’ve complained a lot about decades-later sequels, but this one was going to have Tom Hardy!  Where is the justice in getting us excited about that possibility and then taking it from us just so some pelicans can have a new aquatic vacation spot?  Plus they already have 150 vehicles built, which is pretty wasteful if this movie doesn’t come together.  Summer is coming to Australia, it’s about time you cranked up the sun’s rays to high and got those salt flats baking.

Respectfully yours,


Source: Coming Soon