Across the course of last week I tried to make sure you got some near-instant gratification from my festival experience by recording these little immediate-reaction videos of different films I saw. There are full reviews of each of these coming across the course of this week, but until then I hope you enjoy the very brief thoughts contained in each video.

The final quick review is for the festival’s closing film, Like Crazy, which you’ll see I had trouble even processing right away, much less articulating complete thoughts. The film is more than competent and, at least for those that can relate to it, very compelling and yet it doesn’t tackle its own melodrama in such a way that I feel would ever bring most viewers back. Exactly why is tough to pin down. I’ll have more fleshed out thoughts in my full review obviously, but you can see me try and stumble my way through an immediate reaction above.

I do hope you enjoyed these videos, and know that I still have plenty of reviews and a few features/interviews left to bring you from the Savannah Film Festival, so keep your eyes on the site this week.

BTW, all these videos have been shot and cut by my good friend and DP extraordinaire, Dan Reed, so big thanks to him (help me say so @ him on twitter!).

Like Crazy is currently in limited release.

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