Steve Buscemi has been kicking ass in Atlantic City for a while now, standing tall among the many powerhouses that fill out Boardwalk Empire. There’s not a ton of humor in that show though, and for Buscemi’s next trip to a gambling town he’ll be exploring the lighter side.

According to Deadline, Buscemi is in talks to cram in filming for Burt Wanderstone during his Boardwalk Hiatus, which will partner him with both Steve Carrell and Jim Carrey. The comedy covers two rival magic acts, one of which is the titular Burt Wonderstone (Carrell) and his partner Anton (Buscemi, if he signs). After the partners split up, Wonderstone finds himself in direct competition with his rival, with Anton possibly switching sides? The description is a bit unclear (good ole Mike F. may soon update the original piece into comprehensibility at any moment, so keep an eye out).

If the rivalry and side-switching elements are in play though, then consider this a comedic The Prestige with Buscemi playing the Scarlett Johansson role.  That’s a fun image.

There is a major female role in the film though, with everyone from Jessica Biel to Olivia Wilde, to actual comedians like Sarah Silverman and Judy Greer in contention. Just on gut instinct I’d be interested to hear about Silverman nabbing that role, but still very up in the air.

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