The streak of Terry Gilliam’s notoriously rotten luck is momentarily ending – his latest pseudo-fantasy Tideland has gone virtually unloved since least year’s Toronto Film Fest (though I would argue that any Gilliam movie is fascinating on some level), but is now finally making it to screens.

The story follows a young girl (future hottie Jodelle Ferland) who escapes her unbearable reality by wandering through a surreal landscape with four disembodied doll heads, with the always reliable Jeff Bridges playing the tween’s drugged-out, washed-up rock star father.

The trailer certainly makes it look like a Gilliam movie in all its Dutch-angled phantasmagorical glory, and the material seems to veer as far away as possible from the more mainstream (for Gilliam) Brothers Grimm. The movie hits UK theaters August 11th and North America some time later this year.