After making a particularly dreadful real estate purchase in the Amityville Horror remake, toothy beauty Melissa George has been getting herself into some extremely bad situations. She’ll play a tourist on a vacation gone awry in Fox Atomic’s upcoming thriller Turistas, and now she’ll be battling bloodsuckers for an entire month.

The Australian delicacy and her adorable overbite will star in Sony’s high-concept horror flick 30 Days of Night, playing deputy and wife to Josh Hartnett’s sheriff in a sleepy Alaska town where a month passes without daylight… making it the perfect feeding ground for a clan of thirsty vampires.

The movie (already eyeballing a Halloween 2007 release) is being directed by David Slade, who made me feel both excited and icky with Hard Candy. Sam Raimi’s Ghost House pictures is producing the adaptation of the Steve Niles comic series (Raimi famously plunked down a cool million for the privilege).