It must be sort of depressing to be Simon Pegg, in a way. I mean, while I’m sure he’s delighted with the quantity of projects now being offered to him, let’s face it —  the odds of him continually finding more material as brilliant as Spaced and Shaun of the Dead (and Hot Fuzz, we expect) are pretty damn slim.

Pegg is planning to shake his arse in the romcom Run, Fat Boy, Run for Gold Circle Films (who seem to be expanding their breadth of their domain at an alarming rate). The movie, directed by former Friends wuss David Schwimmer, follows a chubby chap who once jilted a girl at the altar and decides years later to try and reacquire her from her new affluent mate. For reasons unclear to me, this process involves running a marathon.  

Pegg is a rather slender chap, so I’m not sure if he’ll be slipping into the dreaded fat suit for the portly part or packing on some actual pounds (or stone, as I guess the Brits call it). Schwimmer and Pegg co-starred in the upcoming black comedy Big Nothing.