This is weird.

Someone decided that it was time to take the fully motion-captured/CGI aesthetic that worked so well for James Cameron on his arch war-filled fantasy story and apply it to… actual, contemporary human war.

Thunder Run, the term for a immediate powerful military strike to overrun a city, is the title of this new project that will star pixels arranged to look like Sam Worthington, Matthew McConaughey and Gerard Butler. The project is being directed by Simon West, best known for Con Air and now handling The Expendables 2, and will cover the initial American strike against Baghdad at the beginning of the Iraq War. This “untold story” spans the three days it took American forces to overtake the city with a mere thousand men outfitted in tanks and assault vehicles.

But once again: the film will be entirely CGI.

The Graphic Film Company will utilize proprietary facial-capture technology they used on West’s upcoming “Night of the Living Dead: Origins 3-D” along with the motion capture technology used in “AVATAR.

Shot in 3D, it is being considered an “action/thriller” adaptation of LA Times war reporter David Zucchino’s novel of the same name. Hilariously, the novel is said to be a very graphic, vivid description of the assault, intended to demonstrate that even a high-tech war lasting a mere 72-hours was still as vicious and violent for the soldiers as one could ever imagine.

So naturally they’re going to make a cinematic video game out of it.

Simon West has made some fun and/or competent B-action pictures in his career, and like most of these actors well enough, nor am I predisposed to hate mocap/CGI/3d movies… but damn this just doesn’t feel right, ya know?

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Source | Deadline