While I was rather enthusiastic about what I saw from In Time coming out of Comic Con, I must admit that it mostly slipped out of my view till now, the week of its release. The Roger Deakins-shot sci-fi actioner from Andrew Niccol is still definitely a good looking Logan’s Run riff, that is if the premise is exploited beyond puns and gimmicks like “time zones” and “follow the time.” It’s been enjoyable to watch Timberlake beef up his acting chops as time has gone on so it will be fun to see his work here– he looks suitable for this particular action set-up joined by the beautiful Amanda Seyfried. There’s a pertinence to the basic concept of the film, but it’s hard to say if that’s simply the means for an overly simplified allegory or a genuinely interesting twist on our current woes.

Only *achem* time will tell. Here’s the principle cast/crew talking you through the trailer….

The original long-form sizzle reel can still be seen below, as well as a hybrid trailer/behind-the-scenes trailer above but Yahoo! put up a batch of clips that I’m now catching up with. Expanding on scenes in the trailer, you can certainly tell there will be fun performances from gents like Cillian Murphy, but they’re cut up too much to get an idea if Niccol has a handle on the action. There’s another exclusive clip on Yahoo! but it starts crossing the line of showing an entire sequence, so I avoided most of it (though a little bit of clunky economic-metaphor dialogue did slip out).

Sizzle Reel:

More In Time Videos

Think you’ll find time to shell out some minutes for this one?

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