So the Bat has been in the news of late, but not with his usual intensity. A few things have gathered up worth tossing out though, so here we go:

• While the film may well still incorporate timely themes and ride on a similar cultural spirit as its predecessor, The Dark Knight Rises will apparently not be filming the Occupy Wall Street protest in any capacity. Entertainment Weekly understands that the schedule includes no such filming. Of course, the original murmors were only that extras were being notified that shooting COULD include scenes at Zucotti park, so it was never considered a sure thing anyway.

• There was, briefly, a post on the AMC Blog stating that the IMAX preview of the Dark Knight Rises would in fact show in front of M:I Ghost Protocol in December, but only on screens still equipped with 70mm film projectors. Obviously this would exclude the bulk of IMAX’s fleet, which are digitally-equipped theaters. The post has since been pulled and the plan could be updated (which means everyone will get to run their fourth or fifth post on it!), but if it turns out to be true, it’s an odd choice considering a preview of that kind would be much cheaper and more easily distributed through the digital infrastructure– I’d have half expected the opposite scenario to be true.

Of course, that could be exactly WB’s game… pirating pristine copies of the (presumable) opening scene of The Dark Knight Rises would be much more possible if there were high-res copies floating around hundreds of servers, as opposed to someone scanning a 70mm reel heavy enough to dislocate your shoulder if you pick it up wrong. That said, there is NO CHANCE sites won’t be mirroring and filtering out cell-phone videos of the footage immediately after it starts showing.

• Finally, a fun bit of fun fan effort from some guys with a serious background in special effects, fabrication, and costume design: check out this very well realized version of Batman’s Arkham City video game costume (by way of Comics Alliance). It’s a very sophisticated manifestation of one of the more stylized suits, and supposedly it’s been engineered to allow for great flexibility and even non-statue like head movement!

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