I think a little bit of effect of this trailer for Zhang Yimou’s Flowers of War must have gotten lost in translation here, as this trailer (cut around English and clearly selling Bale Bale Bale) is not one of the most graceful I’ve ever seen. At best it gives a vague idea of an out-of-place American priest stuck amidst a brutal Japanese attack in China, but the apparently dueling, contradictory nature of said priest is presently so oddly that it’s like he’s playing different characters. That along with a lot of weird cuts, strange music choices, silly graphics, flat yelling, and LOTS of  (excellent) battle footage all mix together into something that looks promising, but definitely needs a more polished presentation.

I do like the indication that this is going to bring out a wide tonal range from Bale though, so the trailer does that at least.

How does this trailer read to you folks?

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