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The world of commercial and music video directing has gifted us with a ton of high-profile directors: everyone from Michael Bay to David Fincher in fact. It’s in that industry that folks with keen eyes can really sharpen and hone their ability to capture energy and movement, meanwhile spending more time on set than most feature directors. Such filmmakers resulting transition to narrative films doesn’t always go well if their handling of story and pace doesn’t scale well to features of course, but often the most creative minds make their bones in the short form.

Nicolai Fuglsig is the next acclaimed commercial director with designs on a feature film career, and he’s made a pact with Paramount to get started on it. The studio will be backing Brass Monkey, a feature he intends to direct from a story he came up with and passed along to Paolo Marinou-Blanco to write. Now that the film is underway, the script will be rewritten by another unknown, Brian Horiuchi.

Few details are known, but Brass Monkey is described as a “real-time kinetic thriller that takes place during a killing spree in Los Angeles.” The poster, created by Fuglsig himself, actually tells its own little story of snipers, hit-and-runs and family endangerment. Click on it to the right to explore the super high-res version with plenty of little details.

By the way, there seems to be no substantive connection the Beastie Boy’s tune but, ya know, spoiler alert next time you listen to License To Ill..?

Fuglsig specializes in those sort of “extraordinary event” high-concept commercials you would expect, including some you’ve surely run across for Coke and Guinness that have won awards (including a DGA award). The two below are ones I especially like, mostly for their simplicity. My fingers are crossed for Fuglsig, and I’m hoping that since this is a project he came up with and has passion for, we’ll get a much better result than, say, when a similarly brilliant visual director like Joseph Kosinski was churned through the Disney machine and spat out the mostly inert Tron: Legacy.

Good luck to Brass Monkey.

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