For many geeks Les Miserables will simply be the big musical from the King’s Speech guy that’s keeping Hugh Jackman from filming Wolverine sooner. For the studio, the Academy and the mainstream public it could be a very very big holiday musical. Tom Hooper is directing, and he’s now added a lovely woman, Anne Hathaway, to his cast of hunks that includes Hugh Jackman leading the way, along with Russell Crowe.

Hathaway will play Fantine, a pretty tragic character that goes through no end of misery in the book. She’s the mother of Cosette– the little girl so famously capture on the posters and book covers you’ve seen your whole life. Fantine is separated from her daughter though, and without spoiling a 150+ year old novel, suffice to say we might see Ms. Hathaway spending some time on the street corner sans a few teeth.

I have this weird feeling that this is going to end up being a pretty huge financial and awards-time success, but that’s just a pure hunch from the pedigree and a guess at next year’s atmosphere.


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Source | Deadline