George Clooney is great. And sneaky as hell with how he’s come in as a leading man and fucked the system up from the inside, unloading actual art into places art isn’t supposed to go anymore. And even better, most of his artful stuff is mainstream enough for everyone to win. Alexander Payne’s a pretty solid dude as well, and the duo’s latest film has been getting serious buzz already and it’s still a ways off.

The Descendants tells the tale of a man who loses his wife and tries to pick up the pieces and reconnect with his kids, and if it starred Robin Williams it’d be the paste hate is made from. But it’s Clooney and Payne so it’s most likely a dandy.

The best thing about it is that Nat Faxon is a writer on the movie. For those who don’t know, Nat is an awesome comedic actor who has appeared in a bunch of commercials and most importantly a few Broken Lizard flicks. Awesome.

Here’s the latest trailer, which the amazing image above comes from. Put it in your eyes and let it wash over you.