I kinda feel like I’ve seen this before. Except this time it’s Denzel Washington wearing the Van Damme pants for the time travel tale Deja Vu, in which he plays a government agent who goes back in time to stop The Passion of The Terrorist and rescue The Chick Who Sorta Looks Like Halle Berry.

Denzel is no stranger to silly sci-fi after Virtuosity (oddly enough his thriller Out of Time was not), and this looks to be a similar shuffle through the timestream judging by the Hummer with the giant DirectTV dish on the top. Apparently Val Kilmer is also in the movie, though the trailer isn’t very persuasive in that regard.

Speaking of déjà vu, this marks Denzel’s third movie with director Tony Scott (after Crimson Tide and Man on Fire), although this is their first time dealing with invariant causality.