Yeesh, fans of zombie fiction are staying in character and have spread the rotting, diseased gospel of AMC’s The Walking Dead far enough that the second season premiere apparently stomped basic cable records. An estimated 7.3 million people tuned in to the feature-length premiere and made good on all the demographics that advertisers shit themselves over.  With a 4.8 household rating that is said to beat an (unspecified) record held for nearly 10 years, AMC can certainly claim to have a true cable phenomenon on their hands.

I didn’t catch the premiere of the show, choosing instead to spend my time in Atlantic City with Steve Buscemi. Considering even fans of the show were complaining about the kind of boring, illogical storyline that I complained about incessantly last year, I feel I made the right choice. That said, there are clearly a ton of people that are having fun with the show, so a salute to them and the show. This definitely puts the wind back in their sails after controversy that peaked with the show’s much-touted exec. producer splitting on nasty terms.

We’ll see if these numbers hold up, but I wouldn’t be surprised to hear that Season 3 is greenlit in record time.

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Source | THR