If it’s anything like the original (and I have to imagine it’ll have significant similarities), the currently shooting remake of The Hitcher won’t exactly be overpopulated. But replacement road loon Sean Bean will have a new lawman on his tail, and it’s a guy with a little experience in that department.

Actor Neal McDonough (Boomtown, Minority Report) will play the film’s skeptical cop who helps and/or hinders new victims Sophia Bush and Zachary Knighton as they flee Bean’s desert predator. Off topic, it just occurred to me that McDonough would make a pretty good Ozymandias should they ever actually make a Watchmen movie. Still further off topic, I just realized it was McDonough’s voice coming out of Bruce Banner when I was smashing the shit out of everything a few months ago in the Incredible Hulk Xbox game.

Back on topic, it sounds like Rogue and Platinum Dunes’ version of the 1986 thriller will have a fair amount of bedlam – the carnage kings at KNB are handling the bloodshed. Commercial/music vid guy Dave Meyers is directing the flick, from a screenplay by Jake Wade Wall and Eric Bernt. Expect further detailed coverage of the production in the coming months here and on sister site Creature Corner.