Reborn from the ashes of four direct-to-video sequels comes the first theatrical outing for the American Pie franchise since 2003. Naturally the teaser involves a jacking off gag and some slapstick comedy, but this time… a kid takes it in the face!

Behold Echo Boomers: here is your early 2000s high school nostalgia thrown back at with you, this time with children and early marital friction involved to keep up with relatability inflation within the target audience.

It’s funny because I never had much of a relationship with the American Pie franchise (I couldn’t even buy myself an R-rated ticket till well after the third came out), but I do have strong memories of seeing the teasers and trailers in theaters with large audiences, and they killed. I don’t really have a beat on the consensus on these films (which have made a quarter of a billion dollars, all told), but I know the trailers at least had a dedication to slapstick that played on the big screen. Now they’re trying to filter the comedy through more intimate “haha yeah, I know what THAT’S like” comedy, rather than the public humiliation stuff that speaks to a younger crowd. Also, now there’s R. Kelly, and that’s good for nobody.

So that’s about as far as I’m going to go with trying to discern what’s been lost from American Pie teasers.

So who’s out there that’s invested in these characters? Apparently the vast majority of them are back, though I don’t think Casey Affleck won’t be making a cameo. Is the principle cast returning a selling point to anyone?

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