So I think I’ll be leaving the duty of preaching to the unconvinced to Mr. Joshua Miller, who has crafted quite the entreaty for horror fans to support the unique new piece of work from Lucky McKee. I know I’m ready to see it, and after the hoopla at Sundance, I know plenty of other folks have their eyebrows raised. I’m happy to say the buzz is not that this “is the most extreme film of all time” or other hyperbolic nonsense, but that it is quite simply “very good” because of craftsmanship and story.

I’m even more happy to say that a lucky New York chewer (and a guest) will get to see the film for free during its limited run, as CHUD is going to give away two run-of-engagement passes. Here’s when and where the film is playing…

The Woman is playing exclusively from October 14-21 at the following theaters:
AMC Empire
AMC Loews 34th St.
AMC Loews Jersey Gardens

And like our Family Guy action figure contest, winning is very simple. Just shoot me an email at this address and show me that you’ve retweeted or FB shared this contest, and one other (non-contest) article on the site. Make sure you include your name and mailing address and you’re all set (also, don’t change the “Woman_Contest” subject line).

Good luck! And be sure to support the film when it plays near you, regardless of the contest…